April 8, 2009

New! New!

The future V45:

Update on the V40's suspension from Ben Romeijn-Stout

Hi all this is Ben, I’m the Viking X-Prize team suspension and un-sprung mass sub team lead, I know it’s a convoluted title but someone has to do it. A little about myself; well I’m the tall one in the pictures, I enjoy playing sports, video games, board games, reading a good book and generally hanging out with friends. I am a senior and will be graduating at the end of the spring quarter after which I hope to work on the design and development of Electric Vehicles.

Now for an update on the car’s suspension; we have been working on a design for a new lightweight composite suspension which will dramatically decrease the un-sprung mass on the vehicle improving both ride quality and handling. Since our entire vehicle is very low mass the mass of the wheels, tires and suspension has more effect on the ride quality and handling than it would on a heavier car. The suspension design is essentially done and a few test parts have already been made, this quarter we will be working on fabrication of the molds to build the parts as well as making the parts themselves. By the end of the quarter I hope to have several sets of suspension tested and ready for use on a driving vehicle.

That’s all for now
-Ben Romeijn-Stout