January 31, 2010

Vroooom Vrooooom!

After spending hours in the shop away from homework, loved ones, and beds, the team crossed one of their larges milestones of the project: getting Viking 45 running. Team members cheered as their creation emerged from the VRI into the wide-open world.

January 29, 2010


Team members were all smiles today as Viking 45 set sailed on her maiden voyage.

After months of planning and construction, the WWU X PRIZE Team entry car, V45, successfully propelled herself out into the world (she even had fully functional brakes!). The trip was short but sweet and gave team members new hope and plenty of things to work on!

A link for the video will be up soon!

January 14, 2010

Germany's Auto Mobil visit the WWU X PRIZE Team and V40's make over

Viking 40 receives a make-over to show off our sponsors and to thank all of those who helped make it possible.

The boys from Auto Mobil have come all the way from Germany to interview X PRIZE Teams across the country. While visiting us, Doc Seal (the founder of WWU's VRI) was more than happy to drive them around in Viking 7.

And once the rain let up, we took Viking 40 out for a spin to try out it's new skin.