February 23, 2009

A Business Team Perspective

I am part of the X-Prize business team and it is amazing that even though everyone is overloaded with work and other school projects, there is a significant amount of quality work being developed. There have been times when our progress slows down (Winter break), but overall we just keep chugging along.

This a great experience because it is challenging to develop a business plan for a product that is still evolving. Each aspect relies on other aspects in a continuous circle with countless manufacturing details to be addressed, many options for an organizational structure, and a very specific customer base that must be targeted. On top of that we need specific costs for everything. But the fact is the without the quality work from the VRI team, this project would not even exist. It is amazing that students from our school can develop a professional vehicle that will compete internationally against some of the greatest engineers in the world.

-Paul Iverson, Business Team

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